What is Web Hosting means:

What is Web Hosting Means:

Web Hosting is a process that to make up your website to see/look in a better way and to arrange all your website pages, information, pictures, videos in the internet servers  in better way with advanced techniques, to get/reach easily by website visitors.

There are good number of Web Hosting services providers in the market to explain webhosting and help individuals, organizations to post their websites.

When someone search for your website on search engines (like google, Yahoo search, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Dogpile) then the browser will connect to the server to reach your website.

All Hosting providers will need your domain to host it OR they will provide help in purchasing your desired domain on request.

Browsers are like

Mozilla, Google chrome

Website is like  www.gmail.com    www.microsoft.com

Search engines www.Google.com    www.bing.com    www.dogpile.com


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