Beautiful ‘Sunset’ veiws of Hussain Sagar lake / Tankbund – Hyderabad

That was my hectic day, last week when i was returning back to home with my colleague on bike. That was a fantastic view stopped me and my eyes to not to move further.. from the lovely place of Hyderabad.. Hussain Sagar lake road.. we also call it as Tank Bund.

I have asked my colleague to stop the bike beside the walking lane.. i immediately started capturing with my phone as the sun is about to dawn.. so I’m hurry.. and one more thing made me hurry is that the place where i stopped., from that place i can able to see the Sun is behind Buddha statue in the river. This is a fantastic view i could able to see today, though i am driving on TankBund for many years.

See these lovely views..



By the way, Tank bund is one of the oldest construction made before Nizams, by Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah during his ruling period in around 1563. The Hussain sagar is like a Heart shaped lake about an area of 5.7km with the water of River Musi.


Now Tank bund is the main way to connect Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The Gautama Buddha statue which you are watching in the pictures was erected in 1992 with monolith stone, and now it is the one of the attraction after Charminar, Salar Jung Museum and Golconda Fort of Hyderabad.


Very few Hyderabadies know that, The Hussain Sagar lake had got the recognition as the Heritage site of India by UNWTO as “Heart of the World” in 2012. Hussain Sagar is the one of the largest Heart shaped mark of planet earth out of 78 Heart shaped marks and 9 heart shaped Islands of earth.

Feeling great at Hyderabad. LOVHYD.


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